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Services we provide at Ncoded Solutions


Have a project in mind, but unsure where to start? Need a helping hand with your existing system? 🧐 We're your go-to team for Web and Mobile development.

Ncoded Solutions is a group of skilled and experienced problem-solvers who love turning ideas into real working solutions. Our goal is simple:

Bring top-notch development services to the market using the latest technologies!

With an impressive track record of over 30 successful projects, a good understanding of how businesses work and a keen eye for what customers need, our team is all set to engineer your problems away! Let's have an overview of our services and technologies we like to use. 🚀

Our main focus and competences are in JavaScript/TypeScript based technologies with accent on:

  • React.js
  • Node.js
  • React Native
  • Angular

Even though ASP .NET is not JS/TS based, we do like to rock it as well! 🤘


Web Development

Services we provide include planning, development, deployment, integration and maintenance for all custom solutions. We offer high quality Web development based on your requirements. From sleek corporate websites to robust e-commerce platforms, we bring your ideas to life. We can also help you with requirements suggesting the state of the art solutions and best practices for your specific situation.

Ever heard of the MERN stack?

  • MongoDB
  • Express.js
  • React.js,
  • Node.js

These are our tools of choice for crafting dynamic, responsive and scalable web applications. Seamlessly integrating these technologies, our developers ensure your web presence is not just functional but cutting-edge.

As you already know, modern web applications demand speed and efficiency. Whether it's server-side rendering (SSR) or client-side navigation, we've got it all covered with Next.js.

When it comes to developing performant and feature-rich websites, we use Gatsby framework as part of our toolkit. That's why we engineer sites that are not just fast, but also scalable and easily maintainable. This modern framework ensures optimal performance by employing server-side rendering and intelligent pre-fetching, resulting in pretty fast loading times. It enables us to integrate different content, APIs and services seamlessly into one web experience.


Our expertise in SSR, allows us to generate dynamic web pages on the server side, ensuring rapid loading times and optimal SEO performance. This approach not only contributes to a smoother user experience but also enhances the discoverability of our web applications in search engine rankings. We incorporate React widgets into our development process too. These pre-built, customizable components - from date pickers to interactive charts - bring a wealth of options to the table, enabling us to tailor interfaces to meet specific client needs.

Accessibility is a fundamental aspect of our work. By adhering to best practices and leveraging React's inherent accessibility features, we ensure that our web applications are usable and navigable by everyone, regardless of their abilities. Building inclusive digital experiences is not just a goal, it's a commitment we uphold in every line of code we write.

AWS and Azure Services

Also, we provide specialized services on both Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure platforms. Our DevOps approach ensures seamless collaboration between development and operations teams, resulting in accelerated development cycles, enhanced efficiency and continuous delivery. Whether you choose AWS or Azure, our expertise ensures a robust and scalable infrastructure tailored to your needs.


Mobile Development

On the other hand, if you're searching for a dedicated and experienced team to work on your mobile applications, Ncoded has got you covered - again. Our developers are professionals with hands-on experience in crafting user-friendly and innovative mobile solutions for both iOS and Android users. We use React Native and Node.js for app development, which brings you:

  • efficiency
  • speed
  • scalability

React Native is a basis of our mobile development process. It makes the perfect balance between cross-platform compatibility and native performance. We optimize for various screen sizes, integrate third-party plugins and ensure that every mobile app we develop provides an exceptional user experience.

This mobile development approach is iterative and collaborative. We engage in regular testing, gather feedback and maintain constant communication with our clients. This commitment ensures that our final product always meets expectations.

Let's have a look at some other services we provide.

Management Services

Navigating the complex product lifecycle is crucial for the success of any project today.

Our Project Managers will ensure efficient planning, execution and delivery of projects with the understanding of your business needs and the technical requirements. We make sure that timelines are met, resources are optimized and project goals align with overarching business objectives, using the Agile approach. Whether it's project initiation, planning, execution, monitoring, or closing, our end-to-end management process ensures success at every stage.

Quality Assurance Testing

Ensuring the reliability, functionality and security of software is paramount. Our dedicated Quality Assurance (QA) team tests every aspect of your applications to identify and rectify potential issues before they reach end-users, including various types of software testing. Rigorous testing protocols guarantee that your software not only meets but exceeds industry standards for performance and user satisfaction.

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