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Women of Ncoded Solutions

The International Women's Day


As we celebrate International Women's Day at Ncoded Solutions, we're proud to spotlight the incredible women on our team. From software engineers and project managers to QA specialists, each woman at Ncoded Solutions brings a unique story and set of skills to the table. In this blog, we will share their stories through a series of interviews that shed light on their professional journeys ✨ The one thing that was common for all the women we interviewed is their favourite thing about working in Ncoded - ✨the people✨. They all appreciate how everyone is ready to help and encourage each other, making it a great place to work. Also, they mention the wonderful atmosphere and a good sense of humor around the office. P.S. You'll notice that all of our engineers are Frontend oriented 😅

Melita - The first woman of Ncoded (Frontend Engineer)

As the first woman to sign a contract at Ncoded Solutions, Melita had a really interesting experience. She was the one to break the ice. Initially, as the only female, she witnessed the team's effort to be polite and not make some of their usual internal jokes in her presence. But, the old habits proved hard to shake, so they made the 'izvini-melita' (sorry-melita) sticker on Slack as a sign of apology 😅


Let's have a look at Melita's interview:

Since I was a little girl, I didn't have a clear picture of what I'm going to be when I grow up, but I knew that I was good at natural sciences and I had a great love for mathematics, so that guided me through schooling, and later university, where everything became clear what profession I would pursue. It all clicked, and my creative side and feeling for aesthetics naturally guided me to Frontend development.

What your favorite thing about Ncoded?

The thing I love most about Ncoded is the amazing energy among the team.

For me, the most important thing when you come to work is that you look forward to it and that you feel good while you are there.

In your opinion, what's the biggest misconception about women in tech, and what's your response to it?

I don't agree with the idea that tech is just for men; it's more about interest levels, not capability. We're all equally capable, regardless of gender. And for those who don't think so, I have only one thing to say: We are women, we are bad bi*hes**! 💪


Natalija - Frontend Engineer

Meet Natalija, our beloved Frontend Engineer with a serious coffee habit ☕️ and a passion for clean code. She loves to optimize code, and make the code more streamlined and efficient. Besides her coding skills, you'll always find her with perfectly done long nails 💅

During my fourth year of undergraduate studies at the Faculty of Electronic Engineering, I decided to shape my career as a Frontend Engineer at Ncoded Solutions, in order to apply my previous knowledge and gain new practical experience.

Ncoded Solutions stood out to me as an innovative company, particularly for the Frontend development. Upon completion of my internship, I was thrilled to be offered a full-time position and now, I'm happy to collaborate with such talented engineers and contribute to real-world projects!

What do you like most about working here?

Firstly, it's the amazing people I've had the privilege to work with. The team here is truly exceptional – supportive and knowledgeable. Every colleague was always ready to lend a hand in solving problems and eager to share their knowledge.

Secondly, what truly stands out are the diverse projects I've had the opportunity to work on. So, my experience at Ncoded Solutions is both rewarding and fulfilling 💖

What's your proudest moment and achievement at Ncoded Solutions?

Throughout my time here, I've consistently pushed my limits. Despite encountering challenges along the way, I refused to give up! By overcoming obstacles (including my personal fears and weaknesses) I've grown as an engineer and a problem solver. Every time I surpassed my own expectations and achieved success, it motivated me to give even better results in the future. Additionally, my greatest accomplishment lies not only in the concrete results I've made, but also in the personal growth and evolution that have defined my path at Ncoded Solutions ✨


Anđela - Frontend Engineer

Meet Anđela, our dynamic Frontend Engineer at Ncoded Solutions. With a background as a 🏀 basketball player 🏀, she hasn't left her athletic spirit behind - she's our office health and fitness advocate, inspiring us all to stay active and mindful of our well-being. Beyond her dedication to fitness, she loves to organize and decorate things, making our workspace more pleasant. Let's check what she has to say 👇

My journey sums up in a single word: unexpected 😅

During my studies, I was very insecure about my knowledge and skills, I constantly questioned myself whether this was the profession I belonged to. I always felt like I was missing something...

I started my career as an intern in Ncoded and had the opportunity to work and learn from very experienced colleagues from whom I received constant support. And, it turns out that Ncoded was the piece I was missing in my journey, and that profession as a Frontend Engineer is a perfect fit for me!

How do you balance a healthy lifestyle with your busy schedule as a Frontend Engineer at Ncoded Solutions?

Sports have been a big part of my life since I was a kid. It helps me clear my mind and feel good both physically and mentally. Starting my day with a workout is a must for me because it boosts my focus and productivity at work. Making fitness a regular thing in my routine helps me balance my workload while taking care of myself 💪

Jovana - QA Specialist

Meet Jovana, our QA specialist at Ncoded, who just hit her one-year mark with us 🥳 She's friendly and fun but takes her testing role very seriously. Trust us, veeery seriously... When testing begins, you'll see her serious side, but we must admit it - she plays a key role in making sure our products are top-notch. Sometimes she's our in-house DJ, playing music that keeps our spirits high and our workspace lively. Jovana is also known for her love of online shopping, often having packages waiting to be opened 🛍️

Can you share a funny reaction when you reported a big bug?

The thing that led me to QA is my passion for problem-solving, and I found joy in making sure that things were done correctly. My journey of becoming a QA Specialist at Ncoded Solutions involved education, experience and passion. Here, I gained the skills in automation, performance testing and user acceptance testing. Whenever I report a big bug, the reactions are always hilarious. But, one of my colleague (not pointing any fingers) has a classic response:

  1. Phase 1: "I don't believe your screenshots, you're making it up, show me where the problem is"
  2. Phase 2: "That's a frontend thing" he says, knowing full well he's a backend developer...
  3. Phase 3: He finally accepts the fact that the bug does exist 🙏
  4. Phase 4: After fixing the bug, he strolls over to me and says, "I don't know what bug you reported. Everything seems to be working just fine"

It's all part of our office routine which makes our workday a lot funnier.

Jelena - Project Manager

Meet Jelena, our Project Manager at Ncoded. She's known for her big smile and the joy she brings to the office. Even when her role demands her to be strict, she's still polite - she just can't help it. Jelena is a woman of many interests—reading a good book, having the long walks with her cute dog Lala 🐕, admiring the nature, listening to insightful podcasts, exploring new project management strategies, cooking—she always has something interesting going on. She also looks after us with daily vitamin C boosts!

After graduation, I was feeling a bit lost among countless job ads and advices from friends. It was like finding a hidden treasure map without knowing exactly where to go. I've always liked to organize and put things in order, so somewhere along the way it became clear what I wanted to do.

What strategies do you use at Ncoded Solutions to keep your team motivated and on track?

As a PM, my job involves handling many challenges and tasks. Building trust with clients and the team is essential, and clear and open communication is key to building this trust. I listen to concerns, support my team, and acknowledge their efforts because people are central to every project's success, and I want them to know they're appreciated 🫶🏻


It's all part of our office routine which makes our workday a lot funnier.

Lena - Front End Engineer

Meet Lena, our talented Front End Engineer, whose vibrant energy shines not just in her work but also around our office. As a :volleyball: former volleyball player :volleyball:, Lena brings the same teamwork and precision to her role at Ncoded Solutions. She's balancing her Master's studies and work very well. Around the office, Lena is famous for making the best iced coffees :bubble_tea: and having the cutest desk. Right now, she's working hard on a complex mobile app project for one of our clients. Let's have a look at what she has to say 👇

What inspired you to pursue a career in Software Development at Ncoded Solutions?

To be completely honest, I can’t say that I’ve always known what career I wanted to pursue, but I can say that I never intended to become a Front End Developer 😅

However, that completely changed when I started my internship at Ncoded Solutions and got to know the field better. All I knew is that I wanted to constantly improve and evolve my knowledge, so that I could remain motivated in my work and never lose sight of what I love to do. ~ Ncoded Solutions offered me just that.

Something I appreciate most about Ncoded Solutions is the opportunity to work alongside talented and passionate programmers who are always willing to help. Ncoded workplace is very supportive and vibrant, and it provides us needed professional development. I’m very grateful to have such amazing mentors and wonderful colleagues :smiling_face_with_3_hearts:

Can you share something about a project you are particularly proud of in Ncoded Solutions?

Ncoded Solutions is involved in a diverse range of projects, both internal and client-driven. I've had the privilege of contributing to several of these projects during my time here. Over the past six months, I've been engaged in a project that required me to handle both web and mobile development responsibilities. This experience is something that I'm most proud of, because it allowed me to challenge myself and to learn new technologies and methodologies.

What's advice for young women considering a tech career

Girls, dive in with confidence!

The tech industry is a welcoming and inclusive space. Don't let stereotypes or misconceptions hold you back, instead, focus on your passion for technology and your ability to make a meaningful impact!

Seek out mentorship, learn as much as you can and never miss a chance to expand your skills and expertise.

You got this girl! 🫶🏻


Milica - Front End Engineer

Meet Milica, our Front End Engineer who brings the fun of "The Office" to our team. She's famous around here for her cool Prison Michael Scott key ring and her unbeatable work ethic—good luck catching her on a break! She always has her colleagues in mind, offering help whenever needed. With her jokes and dedication, Milica lights up our workspace and sets the bar high.


What inspired you to become a Software Engineer?

In my case, it wasn't a thing that inspired me, but rather a person. My journey started with my older brother's stories, along with his insights into software, hardware, and software engineering in general. Hearing about his achievements, I made my decision to follow his footsteps and enter the world of tech. What's more, I learned that women are just as capable as men in this field, thanks to my brother's encouragement and the inspiring stories he shared.

What do you most like about working at Ncoded Solutions?

What I love most about working at Ncoded Solutions is the incredible people. From day one, I've been surrounded by a team of friendly, funny, smart and genuinely supportive individuals who are always ready to lend a helping hand. The people are the heart and soul of Ncoded, and it's their warmth, humor, and willingness to go above and beyond for the team that truly make Ncoded such a great place to work.

What's your proudest moment and achievement at Ncoded Solutions?

One of my proudest achievements has been my continued involvement in a significant project. Securing my first contract as a Junior Front End Engineer provided me with the opportunity to contribute to this project from the outset. Working alongside a great mentor and a team of exceptional developers, I have been able to play a role in its development. This ongoing experience not only validates my skills but also allows me to continually grow and learn within the supportive environment of Ncoded Solutions.

One funny thing about that project is that when I initially joined, the project lead humorously welcomed me and another colleague with the words, "Welcome to the best team in Ncoded, as said by Milan Starinac" So, needless to say, I'm thrilled to be a part of what's considered the best team here!


Andrea - Frontend Engineer

Welcome Andrea, our new Junior Frontend Engineer at Ncoded Solutions! While she's just started with us, Andrea is also working hard on her master's studies, showing her commitment and energy. Everyone enjoys talking with her, she's friendly and helpful. Right now, Andrea is working on a development of a client's big web project with our team. She's fitting in great and we're thrilled to watch her progress and contributions grow ✨


What inspired you to pursue a career in tech and become a Software Engineer?

What inspired me the most was the opportunity to be a part of innovation and a dynamic digital world. The challenge of problem solving and the endless opportunities for creative exploration and creation were crucial in my decision.

That's also why I want to pursue my master's degree. I seek for even greater knowledge and development and I believe that gaining some advanced skills, through the master's program, will help me to more effectively solve the challenges I'll face in my career.

What do you think about working in Ncoded Solutions?

What I appreciate most about working here is working with extremely professional and talented people who are always ready to help. I just love our teamwork and a dynamic environment in which everyone's contribution is valued, as well as the company's commitment to encouraging the personal and professional development of employees.

In your opinion, what's the biggest misconception about women in tech, and what's your response to it?

I think that we should all agree that the time of stereotypes about women in tech and similar fields is over and that women have proven that they are great in tech industry. It's encouraging to see the progress we've made in breaking down barriers and fostering an equal environment.

Embrace your uniqueness and don't shy away from challenges! 🥰

Let your passion and curiosity drive you forward!

Ema - Frontend Engineer

Introducing Emilija, another fantastic new talent joining our team as a Junior Frontend Engineer at Ncoded Solutions. Alongside her close friend Andrea, Emilija is balancing her Master's studies in Niš with her career in tech. Ema is involved in a challenging project for one of our clients right now.


Can you share a bit about your journey to becoming a Frontend Engineer and pursuing a Master's degree?

What has always motivated me to become a Frontend Engineer was instant gratification of seeing visual results of my work. I started my career here at Ncoded where I was able to hone my skills through hands-on projects and continuous learning.

Master's program enriches my understanding of complex concepts, hones my analytical skills and fosters a deeper appreciation for cutting-edge technologies. This academic knowledge will help me contribute to upcoming innovative projects, tackle industry challenges and advance my career as a tech professional.

What do you most like about working at Ncoded Solutions?

It's blend of challenging work and a supportive, collaborative culture that makes my experience here fulfilling ✨

In your opinion, how can the tech industry be more inclusive for women?

IT companies should provide scholarship programs for young women to pursue STEM education, organize networking events to connect women in tech and give equal opportunities in leadership roles.

Embrace your curiosity and believe in your potential! Have confidence in your abilities and let your voice be heard 🫶🏻

Mila - Frontend Engineer & Salesforce Developer

Ever became an office best friend with someone in less than a month? 🧐 That person is Mila - office new 🍪 - a girl with exceptional skills that will truly amaze you. Bringing creativity to every task, she contributes to Ncoded in countless ways. Besides being a master queen in Salesforce, she possesses a magical ability to brighten your day, no matter how tough it may seem (and makes best homemade healthy sweets 🍭)


As my fellow colleagues already said, the atmosphere in Ncoded is really unique and it makes workdays better. Also, this is a company that strongly encourages women to gain their tech knowledge and skills. The Ncoded team welcomed me so nicely and I'm glad to be here, where I get to do what I love every day 🫶🏻

How did you decide to become a Software engineer?

I've always felt destined to be a Software engineer. Solving big issues is what I enjoy most. My favourite area in Software engineering is Frontend development, because it combines my interests in art and tech. Salesforce wasn't in my original plan actually, but I've come to like it over time, especially the frontend side of it 😅

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