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Your trusted Nearshoring, Offshoring and Outsourcing Partner #8

Ncoded Solutions


Interested in extending your software development team with qualified engineers for business growth? 🧐

At Ncoded Solutions, we specialize in assembling client-specific software development teams, offering an effective team augmentation solution. In this way, you can expand your development capabilities in the most cost-effective way.

Let's have an overview of our services 👇

First, why Staff augmentation?

Finding the right engineering team is more than a necessity—it's a game changer. Why?

Well, finding the right team means getting your project done right, quickly and with less hassle. Outsourcing an experienced team is a smart move because it gives you instant access to a group of professionals who are already used to working together efficiently. It's all about making your project successful with a team that fits perfectly from the very start, right?

Plus, it's cost-effective and quicker, as you won't have the overhead of permanent hires or assembling a team from scratch.

Why Ncoded Solutions?

Yeah, that's all nice, but why should you choose us? 🧐

At Ncoded Solutions, we understand the importance of augmenting your in-house teams with skilled and experienced software experts. Specializing in offshoring, nearshoring and outsourcing IT services, we bring together skilled software engineers to become an integral part of your projects.

Engineering your problems away.

Our motto isn't just a catchy phrase—it's the core of what we do. With a team of over 45 dedicated professionals, Ncoded Solutions is well-recognized within the tech community for our commitment to quality and innovation. Our ongoing engagement with the latest technologies and methodologies allows us to provide fully operational teams for our clients.


1. A Leader in Staff augmentation

Our excellence in staff augmentation has not gone unnoticed. We are currently ranked second on Clutch’s list of the best staff augmentation companies in Serbia! This prestigious recognition is a testament to our commitment to quality, reliability and customer satisfaction.

2. Global Collaborations

We pride ourselves on our successful partnerships with multinational companies from North America, the UK, Belgium, Germany and Sweden, showcasing our capability to deliver high-quality services across different regions. Our experience with diverse industries and over 40 completed projects, enables us to understand and meet the specific needs of businesses worldwide.

From our experience, many DACH countries are now implementing nearshore team augmentation to scale their operations efficiently. This trend underscores the growing trust in nearshoring as a viable and effective strategy for enhancing business.


Our Approach to Offshoring, Nearshoring and Outsourcing

As already mentioned, Ncoded Solutions supplements your team with our experienced software experts and teams. Whether you're looking to expand your team with new services or simply need additional support, we provide flexible outsourcing solutions tailored to your needs.

Our teams operate from modern, well-equipped offices, ensuring they can focus on delivering high-quality work efficiently and cost-effectively. By choosing Ncoded Solutions, you benefit from lower operational costs without sacrificing quality or control over your projects.

The "Own Team Model"

We offer an opportunity to extend your team with our IT staff, encompassing not just Software engineers but also experienced Project managers and Quality Assurance experts. This approach provides a long-term, cost-effective solution to boost your development process.

We work closely with you to recruit the ideal candidates who then become your dedicated team, working from our offices but fully integrated into your organization and using your systems.

Our tech expertise


You can find out more about our services in one of our recent blogs - Ncoded Services.

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